Getting to know Aurizon apprentice boilermaker, Jacob Childs

Jacob works on the Jilalan Rail Yard in Sarina, Queensland. The project focuses on the expansion of the rail yard which includes two new bypass tracks, two provisioning tracks, a provisioning facility and a wagon maintenance facility.

9 Oct 2017

How did you get a job at Aurizon and what motivated you to take this opportunity?

For showing a lot of initiative and working closely with the engineers to come up with a way to fit the draw gear alignment module in the wagons in a safe and sufficient manner as I was already a wagon maintainer at the depot. The organisation then offered me this wonderful opportunity to fill a trade.

How does working and studying compare to your previous job/school life?

I’ve worked for the organisation now for 9 years and my previous job as a plant operator didn’t require any study time. Working with Aurizon I think I’m very lucky in the fact that they give us enough time to be able to balance our study time with our work time. By doing this we are able to get and keep in a routine and keep in front of our study.

What does being safe at work mean to you?

Being safe at work means to me that everyone goes home the way they came and no one gets hurt, zero harm. I’m also a qualified safety representative at my depot and work closely with the people on the floor and the management team to effectively come up with solutions to control any new potential hazards that arise in the depot.

What’s your favourite thing to do at work?

My favourite thing to do at work would be to solve any challenges that may arise with my fellow work group in a safe and efficient manner. I also enjoy the fact that I work in a team environment.

Who do you look up to onsite and why?

On site I look up to my tradesmen as they teach me the appropriate learnings to fill my trade. I also look up to my leadership team as I think they’re great leaders and coaches and they help with any future opportunities that they can.

After you graduate, what pathways are you interested in following?

My goal is to keep progressing in the engineering field and potentially get into project management. I really enjoyed working closing with the management team in setting up the Fatigue Project in our wagon shed and being a key member in writing the right procedures for the various tasks involved in the project.

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