How to Hire an Apprentice in 6 Easy Steps

Apprentices can become a great asset to any business. Not only do you get to train an apprentice in the skills that will suit your business needs, but you are also giving back to industry and the community. So go on, change your life and someone else's for the better!

7 Apr 2017

It couldn’t be simpler!

1. Choose the right apprenticeship
Identify your business needs and why you are looking for an apprentice.

  • What skills you need
  • What the job will involve
  • What area of your business the apprentice will work in

2. Find an apprentice
There are a number of ways you can find the right person for your business. Employment agencies are a great (and free) way that you can find an apprentice.

3. Sign and lodge a Training Contract and Plan
Your chosen Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) will organise the signing of the training contract and work with you to:

  • Agree on the qualification that will meet the apprentice’s career goals and suit your business needs
  • Complete a training contract

4. Choose TAFE Queensland SkillsTech as your training organisation
Once you have signed the contract and have chosen TAFE Queensland as your training provider, we are notified by the ANP and will contact you within 48 hours to organise an induction.

5. Register the apprenticeship
Give the completed contract and pl an to your ANP. They will then lodge the registration with the Queensland Government.

6. Complete the probation period
The 90 day probation period lets you and your apprentice get a feel for how the arrangement is going and ensure that you are a right fit for each other.

For more information about signing up an apprentice call TAFE Queensland SkillsTech on 1800 654 447.

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